Your Perfect Style

Your Perfect Style

Your style consultation will help you understand which clothes look best giving you lots of confidence by creating that positive first impression. First, Gemma will analyse your body line, scale, proportions and style personality – and then make recommendations on what will best flatter and suit you. You will know which shapes and styles to look for on your next shopping trip.

Avoid making costly mistakes, confident in your perfect style.

Measuring on the wall Choosing colours

“I booked a consultation with Gemma to help me establish my colours as well as my style. I was impressed with Gemma’s professionalism
and her attention to detail. It was really important to Gemma that I left feeling informed, happy and empowered to have the
confidence to change my shopping habits. She also stressed that I could get in touch with her post consultation with any concerns
or questions. I have to say, I feel so delighted with the result and only wish I had known my colours years ago. I have received
comments that I look well on several occasions and this has to be down to the fact that I am now wearing a colour palette and
style that suits me. Thank you a million times over, Gemma.”

Katherine, Surrey

Showing client the book Choosing clients style in the mirror

“My colour and style consultation with Gemma was fantastic – fun and informative. I have discovered that I can wear a wider range
of colours than I had thought – and I’m looking forward to adding these softer colours to my wardrobe. However, for me the
biggest eye-opener was the style consultation. I had always felt uncomfortable in a beautiful red dress, but couldn’t quite
put my finger on why. After my consultation with Gemma, it became crystal clear. The dress was just far too fussy for my face
and body shape. I now feel so much more confident in choosing the clothes that really suit me and that I can avoid making expensive
mistakes like that red dress in the future.”

Pam, London

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