“I had a styling session with Gemma after having had my colours done with her before. We analysed my body line, scale, proportion and combined with my style personality to decide which styles suits me best. It was a fun process, well explained, and I am very happy with the style she proposed. Gemma is a great communicator and she made me feel at ease during the whole consultation. It is so nice to have a guideline before doing some decluttering and shopping. I now know for sure what I should look for and what to avoid!”

Hiroko, Surrey

“Gemma is an absolute pleasure. Personability is such an important feature to these services and Gemma executed this in such a professional, yet friendly, manner. She is knowledgeable, welcoming, and takes great pride in her job. I felt at ease during my consultation and had such a wonderful time learning about the colours that suit me. Thank you so much!”

Jess, Surrey

“I am so thankful for the style and colour analysis with Gemma. Understanding the exact colours that suit me has made a huge difference in my confidence. Gemma really helped me feel more assured about choosing pieces that flatter my body line, scale and proportions. Gemma created such a fun, relaxing atmosphere – she is really incredible at what she does. Now I can shop online confidently and don’t waste time when looking in store. I’m so excited to have this knowledge early in my career – it means I can build an amazing work wardrobe early on and I’m looking forward to feeling fabulous in everything I wear on the weekend and for special occasions. So glad I had this done – it is honestly life changing!
Thank you so much”

Ellie, London

“Before meeting with Gemma I had lost my confidence with my clothes and personal style. But since doing the colour and style consultation, I feel like I finally know exactly what I am looking for when I go shopping, and I can finally understand why some things in my wardrobe just never make me feel good! She is such a lovely energy to be around and makes you feel incredibly comfortable from the beginning. She took time to go over everything in proper detail, and encouraged me to ask any questions that came up throughout the consultations. Not only that, but doing the process of understanding my body line has given me a new-found love for my body! I now feel empowered, with the tools and knowledge to look and feel great. Thanks Gemma!”

Emmi, Surrey

“I would totally recommend this amazing experience. Finding my colours with Gemma was so much fun! Not only did I gain confidence in the colours that I wear, it has also made me so much more decisive and aware of what works for me when I’m shopping, also the fact that is very convenient as I now know exactly which colours to go for making it less time consuming.
Gemma made the whole process exciting and uplifting – thank you so much for sharing your expertise Gemma, I really feel so much more confident!”

Julia, Hampshire

“I had my colours done with Gemma, it was a Birthday present, maybe not something I would have asked for but now that I had it done…Oh my, what a difference! I only wish one thing, that I had my colour analysis done sooner!
This information that Gemma add to my wardrobe had changed the way I feel about what to wear completely.
I have never realised that wearing a colour can make you feel better instantly, lifting my mood and giving me the confidence to just be happy with who I am and not worrying if I’m wearing the right thing or not? Because now I know it’s correct and it feels great. A big weight of my shoulder. Thank you for my perfect gift. ”

Emily, Hampshire

“I really did not know much about colour consultations, but Gemma guided me through every process with clear explanations. It was very interesting to see how the reflection of colours affected my skin tone, and to get to know which colours suit me and which ones I should avoid. I was quite pleased that the colours I like are the ones she recommended.
She also gave me some advice on how to mix the colours; it will certainly give me assurance when I go shopping. (I don’t like shopping but Gemma might convert me!)
The studio was in a safe and relaxed environment, open-air in a beautiful garden setting. I very much enjoyed the whole experience.”

Hiroko, Surrey

“I had so much fun with Gemma and my sisters at our recent colour consultation. It was fascinating to learn about what colours suited our skin tones and I was blown away by the number of colours that suited each of us. Choosing what to wear is so much easier now and I feel great knowing that a simple colour can make you look and feel healthy and glowing! I’m slowly adding more of my favourite complementary colours to my wardrobe and I don’t miss the old clothes at all. Thank you so much Gemma. What a unique and very useful gift!”

Natalie, London

“My consultation with Gemma was a fabulous wake up call for my wardrobe. She has helped me discover the joy of shopping for clothes in colours and shades, which really suit me! Thank you Gemma for your kindness and brilliant skill in knowing what helps me look my best.”

Suse, Surrey

“It was really lovely to see Gemma and I thoroughly enjoyed our session. I now look forward to testing and exploring my new found knowledge when next at the shops. I have already mentioned Gemma’s services to my friends as I have no doubt all the information will enlighten them as much as it’s helping me.”

Geraldine, London

“After my meeting with Gemma analysing my colours and style I have been very busy, however I immediately worked on my closet, returned some stuff I had wrongly purchased, and edited by myself, I took 2 large suitcase out. My closet now is updated, fresh and with Gemma’s help I now have a few new good pieces in there which I have always wanted it, I even got myself some super pair of sunglasses. Loved the whole experience so thank you very much for all your support and kind words.”

Sharon, New York

“I had both my colours and style done with Gemma and I have to say it has been transformational. Firstly, shopping is a whole lot easier – I only look at certain colours and if it is the wrong shape I don’t even try it on. But more importantly – I feel so much more confident in my clothes, which makes a huge difference in work and socially. Gemma is not only lovely and fun she is a real expert at what she does. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Elke, Creative Director 54

“Gemma is friendly and so knowledgeable about colours, fashion and style. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting a restyle or update her look. She changed my life!”

Susan, London

“Having seen a transformation in a friend and finding out it was down to a colour consultation with Gemma,  I have since given my teenage daughter, my teenage son and my twenty three year old niece consultations as gifts.  They all loved the experience and Gemma was excellent at tailoring the consultation to suit each (very different) individual.  A really lovely gift with lasting results,  I thoroughly recommend Gemma.”

Claire, Surrey

“Having my colour and style consultation was one of the best decisions I ever made, not only was it a really fun and interesting day but it has made a huge difference when I go clothes shopping. Now I know what to look at and what not to look at when it comes to colours and styles and this saves me time when searching for outfits on the high street. Gemma made me feel so welcome and comfortable and was really supportive even after the session. I sent her photos of some dresses I’d bought following the consultation to get her opinion and she was so helpful. I highly recommend going to see Gemma if you want to learn which colours and styles work for you and have fun at the same time.”

Gabriella, West Sussex

“I really enjoyed my whole experience with Gemma, I now feel much more confident about choosing the colours and clothes that really suit me.  I’ve started clearing out my wardrobe and I am using my soft and muted colours together with my curvy styles. What a difference has made to the way I feel. Thank you very much for all your help.”

Anna, Surrey

“I totally loved my time with Gemma. She analysed my style and colours and I am now so excited for my purchasing in the future!! Amazing experience, worth every minute and penny.”

Victoria, West Sussex

“A big thank you to Gemma. I have enjoyed it so much. I’m bubbling with enthusiasm, she has given me a new confidence and belief in myself which I didn’t know I had. I think I needed some guidance and she has provided it. Gemma went through a lot of information with me and I’m now very keen to go shopping and rectify my old mistakes.”

Linda, Sussex

“Thank you very much for the most helpful session. It will certainly make my life so much easier when going shopping. My confidence does originate from knowledge and having my colours and body style analysis done is very helpful in this aspect. The session with Gemma provided much more than I was anticipating and will forever be useful going forward.”

BA, Surrey

I wholeheartedly recommend a consultation with Gemma. Through her skill, I was fascinated to discover, the colours that suited my red hair and warm skin tone. Gemma talked me through the colours and tones I should be wearing and also the right metals for jewellery too, which makes a huge difference. Not only is Gemma a true talent at what she does, she has an extraordinary warmth about her and charming personality too which really puts her clients at ease.”

Sian, West Sussex

“Yes I feel really good after my appointment with Gemma. Having my colours and style done has literally changed my life. I’m now busy experimenting with all the new and wonderful colour that she has injected into my life together with all the new shapes. It’s now so easy and fun to go into my wardrobe and choose amazing outfits.”

Miranda, Surrey

“Having my colours done has changed my life! I feel younger and more confident. Shopping has been made easy, I just head straight for my colours and style now. People always notice and comment on how good my colours look on me! I just wish I had done it years ago.”

Lorraine, Surrey

“Gemma is knowledgeable, funny and warm with a confidence and sense of style that would inspire even the most reluctant client. She guided me gently from the dark side (thought there is still some black in my wardrobe- old habits die hard) to the calm, chalky hues more suited to my ‘soft summer’ colouring. She also taught me which cut and styles best suit my body shape. I no longer gravitate to the same colour and style combination that I always wear and friends and family have been quick to notice and compliment the changes.”

Fiona, Surrey

“I received a voucher for my birthday to see Gemma. I was not sure what to expect but I was delighted with the experience! The depth of information Gemma gave me about my Colours and Style was priceless. I now understand my shape and can shop with confidence as I now know what suits me. Gemma advised on how to put my different outfits together for maximum impact. Lots of people have complemented me on my new image, but the most important thing is the confidence I now have. Thank you so much for all your help Gemma. I will certainly recommend you to friends.”

Raquel, Sussex

“I thought I might be too young to have my colours done as I’m only 16, but I wanted to make sure my Prom dress was perfect for me. My mum suggested I have a session with Gemma and I’m so pleased I did. Gemma analysed my colours in the studio, and took the time to carefully explain and to show me why certain colours “worked” for me and others didn’t. A few days later she took us shopping and we chose my perfect Prom dress in my perfect colour. I was full of confidence at the Prom and I’ve learned a lot about what sort of things suit me.”

Lizzie, Sussex

“I booked a consultation with Gemma to help me establish my colours as well as my style. I was impressed with Gemma’s professionalism and her attention to detail. It was really important to Gemma that I left feeling informed, happy and empowered to have the confidence to change my shopping habits. She also stressed that I could get in touch with her post consultation with any concerns or questions. I have to say, I feel so delighted with the result and only wish I had known my colours years ago. I have received
comments that I look well on several occasions and this has to be down to the fact that I am now wearing a colour palette and style that suits me. Thank you a million times over, Gemma.”

Katherine, Surrey

“My colour and style consultation with Gemma was fantastic – fun and informative. I have discovered that I can wear a wider range of colours than I had thought – and I’m looking forward to adding these softer colours to my wardrobe. However, for me the biggest eye-opener was the style consultation. I had always felt uncomfortable in a beautiful red dress, but couldn’t quite put my finger on why. After my consultation with Gemma, it became crystal clear. The dress was just far too fussy for my face and body shape. I now feel so much more confident in choosing the clothes that really suit me and that I can avoid making expensive mistakes like that red dress in the future.”

Pam, London

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